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Just answer a few question to where you want the leads to go and BOOM!

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The leads will be on your email or directly to your phone instantly.

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Yes! That is right we do not need a contract.

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Do not wait our leads are exclusive to one dealer per territory.

B2B marketing must generate results that help the business grow. Lead generation for B2B must focus on quality.

Too many marketers focus on metrics that have little significance to business growth. We focus on outcomes, specifically creating and engaging qualified leads.  

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Leads Types

Why Partner With Us?

Copier Leads

Warm potential customers ready to buy.

Laser Printer Leads

Yes, we get plenty of calls for laser printer sales, turn into MFD sales.

Large Format Leads

There aren’t many dealers selling large formats, so when a customers finds someone that can sell & service large formats, it can also turn into a copier sell.

Service Leads

We also get you more service leads, that also turn into copier sales.

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Monitor Status

We are on top of all leads we generate, to make sure they are delivered to you as soon as we get them.


Your sales team will get the leads within minutes, for better closing rate.

Exclusive Leads

We do not sell the leads to more than one dealer per 40 mile radious, so you have no competition.

Always Improving

Our SEO team is always at work to generate more leads for our partners.

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Sales Made Easy

We will give you a free lead to test our system, we know you will want more…

Lead generation increases your equipment sales by bringing you new customers.

Trust the Numbers

We have leads for every US state.

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We make getting new customers easy, tested system and perfected.

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